In cycles. Life’s events take us on what can seem like an endless journey, but many times, we are led back to the beginning, beaten, bruised, enriched, enlightened, humbled, and appreciative. We’re celebrating a year of creative community fellowship, and we invite you to come celebrate with The Infamous Art Collective as “The Wheel Comes Full Circle.”

Rachal Mercado, Heather Coleman, Danielle Coleman, Stacy McLaughlin, Julie Bettis, Ava Hibbs, Sara Golden, Alice-Gervais, Jennifer Walsh, George Walsh, Holt Thomas, Jon Benjamin, Abigail Benjamin, Max Stewart, Christina Hooker, Ryan Spangenberg, Ryan Zirk, Sailah CreelFox Hill, Eric Bee, Sherri Butler, Alan Stephens, Emily Stephens, MaeKenzie Caroline, Lori Gould, Sonja Snyder, Tim Hibbs, and The Infamous Band.

Come join us Saturday, April 23, 2022 @ 6pm for a celebration of art and music! Free event! Free food!

Life’s events take us on what can seem like an endless journey


Julie Bettis
Ava Hibbs
Sara Golden
Jennifer Walsh
George Walsh
Holt Thomas
Jon Benjamin
Abigail Benjamin
Max Stewart
Christina Hooker
Ryan Spangenberg
Ryan Zirk
Sailah CreelFox Hill
Eric Bee
Sherri Butler
Alan Stephens
Emily Stephens
MaeKenzie Caroline
Lori Gould
Sonja Snyder
Tim Hibbs
The Infamous Band

Saturday, April 23, 6pm

38 Main St
Buckhannon, WV 26201

Admission Free, Free Food
Live Music

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