What is it that brings two souls together? From what well does this Hearing color? Seeing sound? This union of the senses, a phenomenon known as Synesthesia, is when one sensory pathway leads to experiences on another sensory pathway. We hope you’ll join The Infamous Art Collective as we perceive together, “Synesthesia: Do you see what I hear?

There will be hors d’oeuvres, always a great chance of live music, beverages, friends, and an exciting new theme to explore. Event is as always free and all are welcome.


  • Rachal Mercado
  • Stacy McLaughlin
  • Heather Coleman
  • Danielle Coleman
  • Jennifer Walsh
  • George Walsh
  • Julia Bettis
  • Ava Hibbs
  • Max Stewart
  • Alice-Gervais
  • Sara Golden
  • Christina Hooker
  • Holt Thomas
  • Ryan Spangenberg
  • Jon Benjamin
  • Ryan Zirk
  • Tim Hibbs
  • George Walsh

Saturday, September 25

38 Main St
Buckhannon, WV 26201

Admission Free, Free Food
Live Music