We’ve dazzled you with 11 months’ worth of fresh, thought-provoking art. Now let us finish the year right with a “free spin”—new art created from the artist’s desires!

We plan a relaxing evening filled with soulful jazz coupled with striking, original art, and just in time for the holidays. Come listen to the sweet sounds of WVU’s very own Dr. Jared Sims while taking in the sights of an artist’s creative soul.

We hope that you will join us, Saturday, December 10th, 2022 @ 6 pm! The event is free! Everyone is welcome! We will have food, musical guests, THE JARED SIMS DUO, featuring Dr. Jared Sims, Director of Jazz Studies at WVU, Cupcakes by Bake Me Happy, fresh art from The Youth iNFAMOUS Art Collective, and more!

While donations are not required, they are significant and much appreciated!

THE JARED SIMS DUO, featuring Dr. Jared Sims, Director of Jazz Studies at WVU

Local Artists!

The iNFAMOUS Art Collective boasts the skill of local artists: Rachal Mercado, Heather Coleman, Danielle Coleman, Stacy McLaughlin, Julie Bettis, Ava Hibbs, Sara Golden, Alice-Gervais, Jennifer Walsh, George Walsh, Holt Thomas, Jon Benjamin, Abigail Benjamin, Max Stewart, Christina Hooker, Ryan Spangenberg, Ryan Zirk, Sailah CreelFox Hill, Eric Bee, Sherri Butler, Alan Stephens, Emily Stephens, MaeKenzie Caroline, Lori Gould, Sonja Snyder, Brittani Kosan, Orryah Wagner, Tehya Kurtz, Christine Keller, Laurie Truehart, Matt Helmick, Kelly Hyatt, Rhea Nicole Finley, Danyell Fox, Brandi Losh, Sasha Hibbs, Tim Hibbs, and The Infamous Band.

Saturday, December 10, 6pm

38 Main St
Buckhannon, WV 26201

Admission Free, Free Food
Live Music

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